17 Power Tips to Better use of your Card

By | 23/07/2017

In this Digital Era, Credit and Debit cards have changed our way of spending in a major way. There are so many small things related to credit and debit cards which make a big difference if kept in mind. It is very important to track each and every transaction to ensure the safety of your money.

Here are some tips which you should follow to ensure the safety of your Cards:

1.) Keep track of your credit card billing cycles.

2.) If your card is rejected during payment, keep track of the number of swipes. Your card may be blocked after 3 attempts

3.) Always erase your expired cards to ensure they never get misused

4.) Always erase your CVV which is written back of your card

5.) Don’t write your CVV anywhere. Instead, memorise it

6.) As soon as you receive the card, sign on your card immediately in the back

7.) Always keep a list of your cards and toll-free numbers in your contact list, in case your card is stolen or lost.

8.) Understand the terms of your cards, their interest rate, fees and payment schedule very well to make the most of them

9.) Keep your cards away from things with magnets, which can erase the information stored on your card’s magnetic strip

10.) If you’re still using the magstripe card, you immediately need to replace it with the chip card

11.) Never click on a spam email, if the offer & deals sounds good

12.) Shred card receipts before throwing them away

13.) While shopping online, seek out safety symbols (padlock icon in your browser’s status bar), it should start with https:// and don’t make payments if there’s no green bar.

14.)  Don’t Allow the merchant/shopkeeper to take your card to a different shop/room for swiping it

15.) Change your PIN so frequently and don’t keep the same PIN for every card

16.) While transacting at ATM, Ensure no one sees you enter your ATM PIN

17.) Don’t ever allow any stranger to help you while using the ATM

These are some important tips you must follow to ensure the safety of your Credit and Debit Cards.

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